One must have often come across the word Bio Wash but seldom does one know the meaning of such textile technicality. The word itself gives away the meaning of it, but it is a bit hard to deduce the importance it holds in our daily lives. Feel your t-shirt right now. Is it smooth? How does the colour not fade away with every wash? The answer is Bio Wash.

Every cotton t-shirt you wear goes through the process of procuring the cotton, ginning and making it knit ready. A very important step involved just before dying is washing. Bio wash involves using enzymes to improve the appearance of natural celluloses such as cotton, jute, flax, ramie etc. It is a permanent and wet finish to a cloth before it goes for dyeing.

Enzymes are added to the fabric under acidic condition at high temperatures thereby breaking down the rough fibres and hence giving it a smooth and even texture. A unique, soft and silky touch is derived after the process and thence sent forward.

The removal of rough ends on the fabric increases its durability and also gives us a comfortable feel. Also, the lustre and shine of the cloth enhances and preserves the colour thus preventing fading of colours after a number of washes. The very nature of it being a natural element prevents any allergies or ailments that otherwise might be caused by enzyme wash.

Bio wash is not only an eco friendly method, but also a more effective one. It produces a silkier, finer and stronger output; something that is worth the money you pay.

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