Sustainability has become one of the key challenges in today’s scenario with growing population and its ever growing demands. People use n number of products and that adds up to huge levels of waste generation. With the passage of time, the resources are being diminished due to excessive use. This calls out for some alternative yet precautionary methods to manufacture goods with least waste generation along with the provision of a sustainable environment for the future generations.

One of the very innovative approaches in this field has been manufacturing of clothes from recycled materials. Apparels are something worn by all and are shopped in large number. One needs a new outfit every other day. Thus, some very brilliant minds used technology and skills to manufacture clothes from recycled material, namely plastic which is converted into polyester fabric. Tonnes of plastic collected from garbage is sorted and chopped into miniscule flakes which are then melted down and turned into small pellets, hence paving way for the spurning of yarn. Roughly it takes 35 plastic bottles to manufacture one shirt of a medium size. The resultant fabric is super flexible, comfortable and anti bacterial.  The best part is that they do not wrinkle which means no more hassle for ironing. Bottle Thread is a successful luxury brand that works with this method.

This idea has opened up doors for cleaning of our water bodies and land areas which are otherwise covered in the blanket of plastic. America was the first country to come up with this method, promising a future change which is gradually being adopted by other countries as well.

Not only plastic, but old clothes are also being recycled to manufacture new clothes with different designs and style. Some Indian designers like Mehera Shaw, Ka-Sha , Aneeth Arora etc. are running their business with the recycled fabrics along with reinventing many waste items into trendy accessories .  H&M in 2017 came up with a beautiful gown created out of 89 plastic bottles with a pricing of $245.

Adidas has released environmentally friendly football kits for two of its biggest teams in Bayern Munich and Real Madrid as part of its ongoing partnership with ocean conservation group Parley to help addresses the major threats which the world’s oceans are facing. The new 2018 home jerseys have been made from up-cycled marine plastic debris and feature water-based environmental-friendly prints for the crests and sponsors branding. Printed on the back neck tape of each top is “For the oceans”.

Such means of production enables low costing on the garments which is like a cherry on the top for the buyers because it adds up to one more benefit in the manufacturing of clothes from recycled material. This simple 3C process (Collect, Convert and Create) is definitely a powerful tool in the upcoming years if adopted and practiced by all the garment producing companies.

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