“I have eclectic taste and I love vintage style mixed

with glamour and old world charm.”

Sonam Kapoor


Have you ever heard about vintage cars, eh? I am sure you must have! Vintage cars have successfully managed to attract gazes from all over the world. Being stylish, classic, unique and regal, they have been a headturner for years. It’s craze hasn’t died yet. You will still see folks swanking them every now and then.

Another term that has emerged from a past decade or so is vintage clothing which has transformed the way fashion industry had been operating for ages. It brought in the culture of mixing and matching a gamut of contemporary clothes and accessories with vintage clothing and creating a perfect blend out of it without putting in too much time and energy. It looks appealing to the eyes and brings your true persona to the fore in the most fantabulous way.

Remember, vintage clothing has been appreciated by two of the most admired fashionistas on the face of the earth – Sonam Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra. Topping on their shopping list, it must be the epitome of style and resplendence. Let’s understand it in depth.

Vintage clothing is becoming the next big thing in the fashion world. A thing of the “past” is slowly paving its niche to become a thing of the present.

Vintage clothing refers to clothing between 20 and 100 years old clearly representing the era in which it was produced. The piece of garment should have a clear reflection of styles and trends prevailing in the bygone era. In an article for “The Independent” on August 28,2010, John Walsh explained, “Vintage is about looking forward through the window of the past.” Vintage clothes have an association with history and wearing those garments is an attempt to preserve the past memories. It’s all about being nostalgic and showing respect towards history and culture.

“I recall the retort of one of the most fashionable girls in my group. At a party, I complimented for her amazing vintage outfit. She looked dumbfounded at me for a couple of minutes and answered in a sarcastic tone, “It’s an antique outfit not a vintage one.””

Until then, I had always thought the two terms are synonymous to each other. However, there is a hairline distinction between vintage and antique clothing. Antique clothing is used to describe clothing which was produced before the 1920s. According to Antique Roadshow, an “antique” is an object of considerable age valued for its aesthetic or historical significance. Many times, due to ignorance people confuse antique and vintage clothing with old used clothes, whereas there is a world of difference between them in terms of their quality and uniqueness. Quality is the very first thing an average shopper seeks in a garment. The quality of vintage clothing cannot be questioned under any circumstances. It’s unmatched with the contemporary clothing. Even a hefty piece of contemporary garment emptying your wallets would fail to deliver a long- lasting product. Another important factor is uniqueness. Vintage clothing has this trait in abundance. It’s hard to find another person carrying the same outfit.

With all the noise vintage clothing has been making, it seems its magic is not going to fade in the years to come.

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