T-shirts hold a great importance in our lives. It is not just a clothing article anymore. When gifted, it’s like making you dress to your liking, your colour etc. 

There are some days where getting out of bed, getting dressed, and presenting ourselves to the world is basically becomes the hardest thing ever. Luckily, we’re living in a world where, in many cases we can rely on our tees to say exactly what we’re thinking, no matter how cranky we are. 

The taglines and slogans on the tees are a way of self expression. Sheer power of slogans and taglines inspire people in different phases of life. For instance, every time I go to the gym, the tagline “Just do it” written on my Nike t-shirt reflects in the mirror and motivates me to exercise harder. Tagline and slogan based t-shirts become subconsciously linked in our brains over time. Slogans and logos on t-shirts add that sprinkle of professionalism and image that many businesses unfortunately lack. Wouldn’t it be weird if you turn up at McDonald’s and see their staff members wearing plain shirts instead of team t-shirts emblazoned with the famous golden arches and cries of “I’m lovin’ it” emanating from their bodies?

Cool captions on tees like “I really need a day between Saturday and Sunday” display a chilled out and easy going personality. In addition, there is a rich history of t-shirts as worthy canvases to evoke political change. From the 60s anti-Vietnam t-shirts that decreed “Make love not war” to a United Kingdom Member of Parliament – Caroline Lucas’s “No More Page Three” tee that she wore in 2013, t-shirts have always provided a democratic medium for the disgruntled artist to vent. 

Poetic quotes on tees show an aesthetic mind. Reading poetic quotes on tees emotionally allows the nuances and paradoxes to enter our understanding. All poetic quotes on the tees are insights into the most intimate inner workings of the writer’s mind and soul. To read it coldly and rationally would be shutting the door on the relationship that the writer is attempting to forge with you through the t shirts. 

Colour is a powerful and important communication tool, and it is tied to religious, cultural, political and social influences. Similarly, t-shirts of different colours tend to have a different impact on us. Bright colours show an energetic personality while blues and whites show a sensitive and a soothing demeanor. Also, a red can boost your energy while a yellow tee often makes people feel happier. If we combine the happiness of a yellow tee with the relaxing feel of a blue one, we get a green tee which is a very pleasing colour for many people. In the same way, a white tee represents harmony, silence and cleanliness, a black tee represents grief and darkness and an orange one represents radiance.

Individual political parties are associated with one colour or another. Depending on your audience, this might prove to be valuable information when designing t-shirts. For instance, a red coloured tee is often linked to socialism and communism while a white tee has links to pacifism. In contrast to this, black is a colour that is used in conjunction with anarchism. A design with one of these colours as the dominant shade on the t-shirt may well hint at a right wing or a left wing preference or at extreme behaviors.

As with politics, tee colours are representative of certain religions. Green is considered to be the holy colour of Islam. Judaism is represented by the colour yellow. In Hinduism, many gods have blue skin. White is linked to peace across many religions. Accordingly tees can be designed keeping in mind the target audience. Colour is therefore a complex subject with many strands and it has the power to subliminally convey values and stories through t-shirts.

Finally, t-shirts speak a lot about the person’s personality too. Loose and casual tees show that the person is actually more into fashion trends while classic tees show the fixity in someone’s nature. For instance, Angelina Jolie is always seen in badass tees revealing her brave and unapologetic nature. Hence, t-shirts are a great means of self expression.  

                                                                                                                                                          BY: UDAY ARORA


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