Today we live in a world where the vast spread of technology and innovation has brought forth commodities to us in an arms’ reach or perhaps even a click away. But all this forwardness comes with the price of generality promised in delivering them. That is to say, what others buy so do you. Think about that time when you spotted someone wearing a t-shirt that you too have or that time when you and your bestie twinned rather coincidentally. Embarrassing right? Now here lies the question of whether a brand can promise individuality and uniqueness that resonates with the personality of the buyer in the products that they sell and more importantly whether these products are of reasonable prices.

Keeping this in mind, Swaglok was established as one such venture that aims at customisation of its products for its consumers. A first of its kind in the northeast of India, Swaglok provides customers with the choice of making various products in the way they want it. Be it the design or the quality, the customer always has the choice of the best and Swaglok promises its originality and your swag into it. We at Swaglok believe that the product that you use is a part of your personality and so we strive to promote personalised t-shirts, notebooks, phone cases, bags, pet t-shirts among other things, so that you can too boast your own style and choices. With a team of professional graphic designers and illustrators that work closely with the customer, Swaglok also helps create products with just the idea or the ‘feel’ from the customer via appointments. Imagine having a wardrobe of your own personalised clothes curated by yourself and the things that define you, wouldn’t that be cool? Wear the design you can’t find in any store? Or at least think about all the time that you wasted looking for the perfect ‘Breaking Bad’ (or any other) t-shirt? Well Swaglok is here to rescue or rather save your precious time. Have a party coming up and you want matching tees for everyone? No problem, at Swaglok you can order a tee for yourself or even for your whole squad with the option of giving bulk orders. You can think of us as your own personal designer! (But of course the products are of reasonable prices.)

But what truly sets us apart? Given the customisation, we are the only people-centric brand in this region and that perhaps is the added plus point to you. But again not to forget we deliver all over India. We truly want to give you what you want, be it a tee with that sassy line from Mean Girls or something of your own making. We promise the work that is the best reflection of you, maybe even that. Give us a peek into your mind and leave the rest to us. You’ll be marveled at it, we promise. So what are you waiting for? Come on, wear your own swag.   

Tezraj Kayshap

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