T-shirts are garments with a mass appeal, and can have a varying demographic. T-shirts can be of varying patterns and styles, they are unisex and convenient. Printed t-shirts may have slogans, jokes, artwork, pop culture references or anything that attracts attention.

It is important to come up with a marketable idea, and to be sure about the needs of the customer base being targeted. For which demographic is the product being made, and what patterns and slogans will attract the said demographic? It is important to know and meet the needs of the target audience. It is also important to decide early on which business structure the producer prefers- whether their business will be retail or a wholesale one? The beginning is by buying blank t-shirts from manufacturers, and then experimenting with colours and styles. Again, it is important to see what demands fit the niche market. Some may have the necessary equipment to print their own t-shirts while some may need to invest in a few screen printers.

The price of the t-shirt will depend on the cost of production, the estimated demand of the product, and the profit one expects from it. The price must include shipping price as well.

The manufacturing process starts with designing the t-shirt to sourcing the fabrics and ends with selling the shirt to retailers. Majority of the t-shirts are made from 100% cotton, polyester, or a blend of both. While the process of making a t-shirt may differ in the details, the basic method remains the same.

Finally, contacting other businesses, using social media platforms and even using direct mail advertising- everything contributes to the growth of the brand. Get in touch with the demographic and the niche market that the product will appeal to, and also spread the word around personally. Promoting and advertising the product is just as important as the manufacture of the product.

Have designs that you would like your t-shirts to carry? Connect with us and you’d be glad to know how print-on-demand works!

By Adrita Choudhury

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