When choosing a t-shirt, it is important to choose the correct material and not just depend on the design. There is a variety of materials used for t-shirt production and choosing the correct one depends on the customer’s preference and situation.


Polyester is a synthetic material which is quite popular with garment manufacturers. This popularity is quite evident with the number of polyester clothing available. It is popular with garment manufacturers as it is an easy-to-work-with material. It is durable, it dyes easily, can retain its shape and is easy to look after. However, it is not a very breathable material so it is mixed with cotton to make it more breathable and lighter. This new material, which is a blend of cotton and polyester, is called polycotton. It has the benefits of both cotton and polyester: it is strong, durable, wrinkle-free, breathable and light.


Fleece or polar fleece is a synthetic fabric mostly used to make winter clothes or clothes for outdoor use. It is light-weight but still provides warmth to a person through its air pockets (which trap warm air). Dry-fit tees are the new kind of tees made from synthetic material which moves sweat away from body and helps keep the person cool and sweat-free.


Cotton is a lightweight garment material preferred by many as it is breathable and does not retain moisture. It protects the wearer from the heat during summer and during winter too. It warms up the body by trapping hot air. It is durable. It also does not cause allergies like other materials. Organic cotton is cotton grown with as little fertilizers and pesticides, making it softer but more expensive as compared to the more widely available treated cotton that is full of chemicals.

These materials are some of the more popular materials used for t-shirt production. In most cases, t-shirts are made with a blend of different materials to make it more durable.

Which material do you prefer more?

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