By Deepsikha Choudhury

Spending time at home may not sound as relaxing when it is long term. While we plan to eat, sleep and maybe Netflix and repeat every day, it may not be as tempting (physically and mentally) as it initially looks. TBH, both introverts and extroverts may have difficulty to completely quarantine themselves at home for that long.

We’ve got your back! Here are 15 ways you can quarantine yourself at home for as long as it takes-

1. Spend time with your pets:

How heart-breaking was it for you to leave your poochie home and go to work every day?

Well, now is the time when you can shower all your undivided attention to them. Also, maybe now is the time when you can even train them some manners too.

Tip: If you don’t have a pet, then don’t you worry. How about feeding the birds and stray animals around your place? Perhaps now is the time to get familiar with them and also fill their tummies.

Since most shops and restaurants will remain closed for now, these stray animals might have a difficult time finding food for themselves. It would mean the world to them if you help them sustain!

2. Call your relatives:

Don’t shy away, just call them anyway! These times are difficult and boring for all of us. We are sure they would be happy to see you checking on them.

P.S. Loads of gossips and funny stories shall await!

3. Learn a language:

The more languages you know the better. Most of us have always wanted learn a new language. It would be so fascinating to visit your dream destination (well, after the quarantining ends) and communicate with the local people in their language, wouldn’t it?

Here are a few apps to help you learn- Memrise, LinguaLift, Duolingo, HelloTalk.

4. Pursue a hobby:

Not all of us are gifted with a good voice or an artistic mind but either ways, you can always do things that make you happy. You can probably learn a new skill and take it up as a hobby. Hobbies like gardening, baking, doodling, calligraphy, etc. can help reduce anxiety and stress at times like this.

5. House party:

Wait, wait! Chill! We mean that you can have a socially distant house party at home. Just video call your friends and play a song which all of you can dance to. You can do things that you would normally do together but on a video call.

6. Bake:

Bake the world a butter place! We know what you are possibly wondering. Thinking of cancelling this activity because of limited ingredients at home or simply no oven or pressure to bake? We have a list of recipes that might change your mind!

Tip: We request you to use all the ingredients judiciously and not waste any food. These are difficult times and it is not known how long they will last. Hence, it is recommended that each and every food product is used wisely.

7. Write:

We think now is the actual time to unleash your inner writer. We understand how things can get depressing at times like this. Maybe now is the time to start journaling or simply writing your thoughts into poetry! We recommend you to give it a try.

8. Play indoor games with family:

Now is the perfect time to bond with your family. Remember how as kids, you would come along during a power cut? Well, you can re-live those days now. Take out your classic board games or even cards and get your family into having a great time after ages.

Tip: If you are out of board games or living alone, try playing online games with friends and family. Facebook has a good range of games too.

9. Clean your room:

Tired of mom scolding you for the same thing every day? How about actually obeying her? Research shows that cleaning your space helps your mental health giving you a clean and clear vision.

10. Redecorate your house:

We redecorated our office using recycled household products. You could redecorate your room too! Use your old Diwali lights, glass bottles or simply do some calligraphy and paste them all over the walls!

Tip: You can also simply rearrange your furniture to make your room look new. This will still make your room feel new and leave you a little less bored at home.

11. Read a book:

Books are always a good idea. Read that book that has been lying in your bookshelf since forever. It may not be your type, but it’s always good to learn something new, right?

12. Knitting or embroidery:

Sewing is a basic skill that we recommend everyone to learn. If you have already mastered that skill, we suggest that you try knitting or embroidery. Start with your old clothes. If you have spare cloth pieces, use them. Later, you can even gift it to your loved ones (after the lockdown ends) saying how much you missed them!

13. DIY gifts:

If embroidery and knitting didn’t work well fine for you, then how about simple and easy DIY crafts that you enjoy watching on Youtube?

It could be bookmarks or even face scrubs. Make for yourself first and then for your friends too if you feel like!

14. Self-care:

We often ignore our own selves getting caught into the hassles of daily life, so how about pampering ourselves a little now? Self-care is one of the best ways to feeling good. Google a few face and hair mask remedies or just type self-care ways and tonnes of ideas will pop up.

P.S. We recommend having a self-care day at least once a week even after the lockdown gets over.

15. Experimental fashion:

We know how satisfying it is to watch fashion and makeup videos on Instagram so why not actually put them to use? Use your creativity and taste and plan your outfits that you can wear when you hangout with your friends after everything gets done with!

If you are a fan of makeup tutorials but never really tried them out, then now is the time- Unleash your inner artist!

We sincerely pray that all of you are safe. These are testing times and we’ll pray for it to get over asap. We urge you to stay home and follow all the necessary steps to sanitize yourself.

Stay Safe. Stay Quarantined! <3

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