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About us? We are the First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Mother of Dragons…Oh that’s Khaleesi from Game of Thrones. But now that you are already on this page so do we have your attention now? This won’t be long and boring, we promise!
We are like the ultimate El Clásico on a weekend night with your beer-mates. Cheerful, enthusiastic, full of life and booze which is exactly like the service we provide to you. Except, of course the booze but we sure can get your favorite drink customized on what you wear. We don’t like to boast much but we are pretty good at what we do. We treat our customers like “atithi devo bhava”, welcoming you to our house of customization with every corner displaying our amazing creations. Being the creators of some really cool collections of customized clothing line, all you have to do is give us a sneak peek into that heavy head of yours and let us know what design you want to show off to the world. We can’t promise to get the moon from space for your girlfriend but we surely can design the moon just the way you want customized just for your ladylove!
Like Megan Fox without her hotness and Jersey Shore without all the drama is damn meaningless so are we without our best designers. A bunch of really quirky and talented designers have taken the iron throne in creating amazing art just for you. Send us your ideas, as crazy as it can be and sure don’t be shy and our modern day artists of Swaglok mixes blood and sweat to design your ideas into masterpieces, not less than any of Vinci and Picasso.
You want to know the silly reason behind naming us Swaglok? It is just a broader illustration of Swaglok which in short means ‘heaven’. We believe we carry a lot of swag, confidence and style. We are the safe haven for you who believe this world is but a canvas to our imagination. Call us the new bloke in the streets or the next-gen rebel but we surely distribute swag among our followers. Our name says it all!
Swaglok is a product of combined hard work and dedication of a few determined broods of people. Missing out on many weekend plans and movie dates, our people have sacrificed a lot to make what Swaglok is to-day. Coming together from different backgrounds but with the same taste for art, we have come a long way. Filling our pockets on your imagination isn’t that a bad idea is it?
Trust us with your ideas and we promise to deliver your imagination right back to you with excellent works of art.
SwagLok has something for each one of you! Get t-shirts in large quantities for cheap prices and make your time even more fun. Yes, get the whole gang t-shirts printed at the most affordable rate .
“ Bulk orders “ : Representing your college, school or department and wondering how to get recognised? Or just want to swank your institute with your mates? Is a close one getting hitched and you are all pumped up to spend a great time in the bachelorette/bachelor party with the to-be-bride or groom? Organising an event in the office with your colleagues? SwagLok has something for each one of you! Get t-shirts in large quantities for cheap prices and make your time even more fun. Yes, get the whole gang t-shirts printed at the most affordable rate .
Give us your design and we will print it on the t-shirt for you . If you do not have any exact thought in your mind , you know you can leave the worrying to us. Together, we give YOU the best!


Ankita Jain

Ankita Jain is an engineer who always knew that working in corporate was only meant to accelerate her journey in the world of business.
Often described as a rebellious teen or a forward thinking young adult she aims to implement th very same values in her company.
Before starting Swaglok, she co-founded PANACHE in Bangalore.
Launched in 2017, Swaglok is North east first ever online customization brand with a rapidly growing customer base throughout the country.
She brings with her not only her father's shrew mind for business but also her mother's compassion and has actively taken up more than it's fair share of social responsibilities.

5,000+ Happy Customer

5,000+ Happy Customer

Making our clients happy and satisfied with our services.

50+ Companies tied up

50+ Companies tied up

Tied up with a lot of regional and national organisations and companies hand in hand.

2+ Years of Experiences

2+ Years of Experiences

Working since 2 years to make ourselves recognizable.

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